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Our story

The Vogelmorn Bowling Club was established in 1947 on a site at 93 Mornington Road.

In 2014 The Vogelmorn Foundation was formed by the members of the Vogelmorn Bowling Club when they closed their doors for the last time due to declining membership. Vogelmorn Bowling Club then gifted its assets to The Vogelmorn Foundation. These assets included the clubhouse, a cottage at the rear of the section, and minimal cash funds.

The Vogelmorn Bowling Club drafted a Trust Deed and selected the inaugural Trustees to ensure their wishes would be carried to the future.

Early in 2016 The Vogelmorn Foundation commenced negotiations with the Vogelmorn Community Group which resulted in the sale of the clubhouse to Vogelmorn Community Group for a nominal figure of $1000.00. The agreement with Vogelmorn Community Group ensured the building remained in community ownership and be available as a local community facility.

During this process the property was surveyed and sub-divided into two lots with the cottage remaining in the ownership of The Vogelmorn Foundation.

In late 2016 the cottage was sold and the funds realised became the capital fund of The Vogelmorn Foundation. It is these funds that are available for distribution to meet the objectives outlined in its Trust Deed.

Vogelmorn Foundation

The objectives of The Vogelmorn Foundation are:

Goal 1

To promote and assist causes and organisations within the Brooklyn, Mornington, Vogeltown, and Kingston areas of Wellington in such manner as the trustees think fit for the good of the local community.

Goal 2

To assist and encourage individuals in the said locations in education, training and advancement insuch manner as the trustees think fit for the good of such individuals.