Application criteria for individuals

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The easiest way to apply is through our online form. Click the link below and complete your application.

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Download a copy of our application form, fill it out and return it via email or print it and post it to us.

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Before you commence making an application, please check if you and your project meet our overall funding criteria.

Individual and Scholarships - Criteria

We support individuals who wish to:

1. contribute to the community;

2. reach their potential;

3. realise their aspirations;

4. require assistance with health or medical needs.

Multi-year funding proposals may be considered.

General Criteria:

1. The organisation and/or its activities must be based in the geographical area of The Vogelmorn Foundation.

2. The geographical area is: Brooklyn, Mornington, Vogeltown, and Kingston. See map.

3. The funding must be used within 12 months unless special permission is obtained from The Vogelmorn Foundation.

4. An individual applying for funds for his or her use must have lived permanently in the area for at least three years.

5. All recipients will be required to report back to The Vogelmorn Foundation in an agreed timeframe.

Projects that will NOT be supported

1. Projects or events that are retrospective.

2. Commercial ventures.

3. Contribution to a capital fund.

4. Debt reduction.

5. Promotion of religious or political messages.

6. Political advocacy.

How to apply

1. First, check your project is one that we can fund.

2. Check you have allowed sufficient time with regard to assessment deadlines

3. Gather any information you need to support your application.

Complete the application form either online or via post.

Further information

Please allow at least 6 weeks turn-a-round from the date you submitted your application.If you are unsure whether you are eligible to apply for funding, please contact us by email to discuss your project or scholarship.